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A Guide to Studying in Canada for Sri Lankans

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Canada: A Gateway to Quality Education and Opportunity

Studying in Canada offers an exceptional opportunity for Sri Lankan students seeking a globally recognised education. Immerse yourself in a vibrant, multicultural nation while pursuing your academic goals in breath taking landscapes. From bustling cities to charming coastal towns and majestic mountains, Canada provides a diverse and enriching experience.

World-Class Education at Your Fingertips

Canadian universities and colleges are renowned for their academic excellence, innovative research, and commitment to high-quality education. Whether you’re passionate about engineering, the arts, business, or another field, Canada offers a vast array of programmes tailored to your interests and career aspirations.

A Welcoming and Inclusive Society

Canada is celebrated for its warm and welcoming society, which creates a safe and supportive environment for international students. Embrace cultural exchange and build lasting friendships with people from diverse backgrounds.

Benefits for Sri Lankan Students:

  • Career-Oriented Courses: Gain practical knowledge and skills through programmes focused on real-world applications.
  • Diverse Educational Options: Choose from universities, colleges, community colleges, and diploma programs to fit your needs and goals.
  • Affordable Tuition Fees: Enjoy high-quality education at competitive costs compared to other developed nations.
  • Globally Recognized Degrees: Pursue internationally recognized degrees that enhance your employability worldwide.
  • Post-Study Work and Immigration Opportunities: Gain valuable work experience and potentially pave your way to permanent residency in Canada.

Popular Study Options:

  • Business: International Business Management, Master of Business Administration
  • Technology: IT & Computer Science
  • Engineering: Diverse engineering disciplines
  • Healthcare: Health, Biosciences, and Pharmacy
  • Media & Communication: Media & Journalism

Canadian Universities: Your Gateway to Excellence

Canada boasts world-class universities known for their cutting-edge facilities and enriching learning environments. Modern libraries, spacious auditoriums, and state-of-the-art research centres ensure a seamless and rewarding journey for international students. Additionally, universities offer diverse accommodation options, from cosy dorms to apartments, creating a comfortable and secure atmosphere.

Top 10 Universities in Canada for Sri Lankan Students:

These institutions consistently rank among the best in Canada for Sri Lankan Students, offering diverse programmes and exceptional academic experiences:

  1. Algoma University
  2. Cambrighten University
  3. St Clairs College
  4. Algoquin College
  5. Yorkville University
  6. International Business University (IBU)
  7. The University of Ottawa
  8. University of Alberta
  9. University of Lakehead
  10. University of Alberta

Study Permit and Visa Requirements:

To study in Canada, you’ll need a study permit and, potentially, a visa. Apply online for the study permit upon receiving your acceptance letter. Processing time can take 4–8 weeks.

Eligibility and Application Process:

  • Have an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  • Demonstrate sufficient funds for tuition, living expenses, and return airfare.
  • Possess a valid passport, a certificate of no criminal record, a medical examination certificate, and a study plan.
  • Meet language proficiency requirements.

Responsibilities as an International Student:

  • Maintain good academic standing.
  • Comply with study permit conditions.
  • Inform authorities about any changes in your programme or contact information.


  • Fall (September): Most popular intake with diverse programmes and scholarships.
  • Winter (January): Smaller selection of programmes, but equal opportunities for internships and scholarships.
  • Summer (May/June): Fewer universities and programmes suitable for diploma or vocational programmes. 

Affordability and Financing Your Canadian Education

While Canada is cheaper than many other study abroad destinations, there’s more to consider than just tuition fees. Factor in English proficiency tests, GIC purchases, application fees, visas, flights, and living expenses. Don’t despair! Scholarships, student loans, bursaries, and assistantships can help ease the financial burden. Talk to our counsellors at ISC Education for specialised guidance.

Scholarships: Reduce Your Costs

Scholarships reward academic excellence with valuable financial aid, easing the financial burden for deserving students. Explore the range of scholarship options available to maximise your chances of securing support.

Living and Studying in a Safe and Thriving Country

Canada ranks among the safest countries globally, fostering a peaceful and harmonious environment. Additionally, it offers excellent healthcare and abundant wealth creation opportunities. Consider these top student cities:

  • Montreal: Renowned for science and technology, with affordable living costs.
  • Toronto A popular destination, especially for business & arts programmes, with higher living costs.
  • Vancouver offers diverse cultural experiences and studies in digital media, engineering, and IT, with moderate living costs.
  • Ottawa: A hub for science and technology research, ideal for STEM students, with moderate living costs.
  • Quebec: French-speaking city with a distinct culture, offering the most affordable living costs.

Unlock Your Future with Post-Graduation Work Opportunities

Canada offers around 300,000 work permits to international students annually. Secure a job offer and qualify for the Canadian Post-Graduation Work Permit, which comes with numerous benefits:

  • Unrestricted work opportunities in Canada
  • Dependent visa for your spouse and family
  • Earn income in Canadian dollars.
  • Travel freely within Canada.
  • Eligibility for Permanent Residency after one year of work
  • Experience a top-notch work culture

Open Work Permit: Flexibility & Choice

With a job offer, you can also consider the Open Work Permit, allowing you to work for any employer for up to three years and change jobs if desired.

Document Checklist for Open Work Permit

  • Valid visa with a six-month duration
  • Confirmation of study completion from your DLI
  • Degree completion certificate
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • All academic transcripts
  • Job offer
  • Medical certificate

Next Steps: Finding Your Perfect Job Role

We’re compiling a list of popular and trending job roles in Canada suitable for international students, helping you chart your career path after graduation.

By planning ahead, you can make your dream of studying in Canada a reality. Take advantage of the post-graduation opportunities to launch your career in a safe and prosperous country.

For inquiries regarding your higher education options, feel free to contact our experienced student counsellors at 0777 55 66 66.

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