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Truth and Myths about medical education

Truth and Myths About Medical Education

Myth: Medical school takes forever.

Reality: Five to six years is not an eternity. If you are truly passionate about becoming a doctor, it will be worth the investment.

Myth: You have to excel in science to get into medical school.

Reality: Student must fulfil standard requirement of the applied medical university and minimum requirement of the country the student wish to practise. The minimum requirement in Sri Lanka as per SLMC is 2Cs & 1S/D.

Myth: Pre – medicine instead of A/Ls is accepted to practise medicine locally and globally .

Reality: Every student must study science for their A/Ls and must fulfil the minimum requirement said from the university and medical bodies in one sitting any other qualification will not replace this and is misleading. Globally curtained bosies accept pre-med.

Myth: Medical university is extremely costly.

Reality: Medical university expenses can be managed as there are a selection of universities and destinations that offer education for a reasonable cost. This in no way compromise the quality of education taught in affordable universities

Myth: Medical Degree in Eastern Europe is 100% English medium.

Reality: Although most universities’ curriculum is taught in English medium throughout the 6 years of study, students are simultaneously taught the native language as they need to communicate during clinical studies.

Myth: Eastern European countries are generally cold throughout the year.

Reality: Eastern Europe as most non tropical countries have four seasons Spring (March – May), Summer (June – August) Fall (September – November) Winter (December – February) Therefore the coldest weather would fall during winter season not throughout the year.

Myth: You can work while studying medicine.

Reality: Students who study medicine, unlike in other programs, do not have the luxury of studying part-time to work while studying. However, some universities in the world do have an option this is most encouraged during pre-clinical years.

Myth: The number of Sri Lankan students studying in a medical university is a result of the quality of education in university.

Reality: There are many reasons for a group of students to choose a particular university. The number of reasons can be due to affordable cost, easy entrance exams, cheaper living conditions etc. These are not an indication of a good university. The factors that should be considered are the university’s local and global ranking, recognition, teaching etc.

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