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Why Study Medicine At Gomel State Medical University

Study Medicine At Gomel State Medical University

Study Medicine Gomel-State-Medical-University International Study Centre

Belarus is a landlocked country bordered by Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine with a total population of about 9.4 million and a land area of 208,000 square kilometers. The capital and largest city is Minsk. Spoken languages are Belarusian (official) 24%, but 70% speak Russian (official), and there are small Polish- and Ukrainian-speaking minorities. It is one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rate in Europe and it’s known for its cool continental climate moderated by maritime influences from the Atlantic Ocean. Nearly 6,000 students enroll for their higher education in Belarus every year. This study destination favors affordable tuition fees, which is also one of the lowest of all countries. Belarusian campuses are globally accepted, and their affordable education provisions do not limit their quality of education.

Why Study At Gomel State Medical University

• Gomel State Medical University was founded in 1990, and it is the youngest of the four state medical universities in Republic of Belarus.
• The degree offered by Gomel State Medical University is officially recognized all over the world.
• Gomel State Medical University uses modern teaching methodologies in practical classes, with over 600 professors who are highly qualified with years of experience in the medical field.
• GSMU consists of 34 departments, 5 profile research laboratories, a central research laboratory and 18 large well equipped clinics.
• It also offers a well-developed infrastructure with all modern facilities which allows the students to experience a well-diversified education system.
• At GSMU all classes are conducted in English.
• The University also guides the students for medical licensing examinations in different countries which opens a wide range of job opportunities around the world.
• The university fee structures and living costs are more steadfast at GSMU when compared with the other medical universities worldwide.

University Facts And Recognition

• Recognized by Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC)
• Globally recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), General Medical Council (UK), Australian Medical Council (Australia), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (USA) and other medical bodies.
• Ranked as the 30th state university in Belarus.
• Ranked 5681 globally.

Hostel And Student Life

• GSMU students are provided with either universities own hostel or private apartment accommodation
• International student hostel provides facilities for both male and female students separately.
• University holds 4 hostel buildings which provides the basic facilities in a hygienic and clean manner.
• CCTV surveillances operate at all times for students’ protection.
• Living conditions in hostels are in satisfactory standards with central heating, hot water systems, cookers, electricity, and water supply.
• Students may also prepare their meals individually or collectively in their hostel itself.
• Private apartment accommodation could be arranged for students who wishes to stay more privately. Nonetheless this option is relatively expensive in comparison to university hostels.
• Students are also given the option of sharing a private apartment by sharing the rental with each other.

Our Services

International Study Centre (ISC) is a student consultancy and learning center led by industry-qualified professionals, and experts are offering a full spectrum of educational programs from undergraduate to postgraduate studies abroad. We utilize our recruiting network to attract students locally and regionally. ISC is overseen by a team of professionals, including medical practitioners from Sri Lanka. Also, the Representative of Belarusian State Medical University, Republic of Belarus (BSMU), Dr Harry Prasad, guiding the students to fulfil their medical, educational dreams at the international level, is an added advantage to ISC.

What we can offer:

• Educational counselling.
• University admissions advice.
• University registration and visa processing. (For students and parents)
• Air ticket reservation.
• Pre-departure and post-arrival services.
• Personal guidance throughout the study period.
• Free introduction classes for physiology, anatomy and biochemistry conducted by doctors.
• Extensive training and preparation for ERPM, PLAB and AMC examinations.
• Guidance for university entrance interviews and mentorships
• Free entrance exams and interview preparations.

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