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Why Study Medicine At Belarussian State Medical University

Study Medicine At Belarussian State Medical University

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Belarus is a landlocked country bordered by Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine, with a population of about 9.4 million and a land area of 208,000 square kilometres. The capital and largest city are Minsk. Spoken languages are Belarusian and Russian, and a small population of Polish- and Ukrainian-speaking minorities. It is one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, and it’s known for its cool continental climate moderated by maritime influences from the Atlantic Ocean. Nearly 6,000 students enrol for higher education in Belarus every year. This study destination favours affordable tuition fees, which are also among the lowest in all countries. Belarusian campuses are globally accepted, and their reasonable education provisions do not limit their quality of education.

Why Study At Belarussian State Medical University

Belarussian State Medical University is the leading university in the Republic of Belarus and is ranked number one within the country.

• Established in 1921.
• BSMU is known for its high-quality medical training.
• The university has nearly 25,000 students, including undergraduates, graduate students and more than 4,200 international students from 50 countries.
• Contains 28 Faculties and Educational Institutions, 3 Educational and Experimental Stations, 4 Research Institutes, 41 Research Laboratories, 4 Museums,2 Research Centres
• The academic staff comprises first-class specialists with new perspectives and expertise keen to share their knowledge and insights.
• BSMU is equipped with over 880 educators. More than 64% have a scientific degree, including 3 corresponding members of the National Academy of Science, 12 laureates who were awarded State Awards, and 16 honoured scientists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

University Facts And Recognition

• Recognised by Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC)
• Globally recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO), General Medical Council (UK), Australian Medical Council (Australia), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (USA) and other medical bodies.
• Ranked 1 state medical university in Belarus.
• Ranked 745th globally.
• 100 years of excellence. (1921-2021)
• Clinical training is conducted in 70 hospitals and clinics.
• Oldest medical university with the best state-of-the-art facilities in the capital city of Minsk, including 6 research laboratories and 100 researchers and technical specialists.
• Collaboration with 25 international corporations worldwide. (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, etc.)
• Foreign medical licensing exam preparation within the curriculum. (ERPM-Sri Lanka, PLAB-UK, USMLE-USA and AMC-Australia)

Hostel And Student Life

• BSMU hostel is a 5-minute walk from the university, approximately 400m.
• Meals are available for students till 11:00 pm.
• Students can use public utilities such as electricity, water, central heating and washing machines. Refrigerators and microwaves can be used in student blocks.
• Students will not miss Asian cuisine. BSMU has installed a restaurant called Café Namaste in the student hostel.
• CCTV surveillance operates at all times for students’ protection.
• The rooms are on sharing basis where two or three separate beds are allocated in each room with study tables and cupboards.
• A standard heating system and laundry conveniences are made available for students.
• 24×7 internet connections are freely available.
• Student sports centres and student clubs organize various activities within the university for students to participate in and enhance their extracurricular activities.
• International students can participate in various activities and concerts organized by the university to represent the Sri Lankan community.
• Medical conferences in European Regions are conveniently accessible for BSMU students.
• Students can get a wonderful experience in Eastern Europe to balance their medical career and study life by actively participating in extracurricular activities.
• Milemir country office is situated within the university premises, which is the Sri Lankan country office that will handle all student affairs free of charge.

Our Services

International Study Centre (ISC) is a student consultancy and learning centre led by industry-qualified professionals and experts offering a full spectrum of educational programs from undergraduate to postgraduate studies abroad. We utilize our recruiting network to attract students locally and regionally. ISC is overseen by a team of professionals, including medical practitioners from Sri Lanka and education specialists globally.
What we can offer:
• Educational counselling.
• University admissions advice.
• University registration and visa processing. (For students and parents)
• Initial university entrance interview and mentorship.
• Air ticket reservation.
• Pre-departure and post-arrival services.
• Personal guidance throughout the study period.
• Free introduction classes for physiology, anatomy and biochemistry conducted by doctors
• Extensive training and preparation for ERPM, PLAB and AMC examinations.
• Free entrance exams and interview preparations.

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