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Queen’s University Belfast

Study at one of the leading universities in the UK and Ireland with a distinguished heritage and history. Founded in 1845, Queen’s University Belfast offers you an opportunity to graduate with honours through their Bachelor of Medicine program that highlights clinical experience from the first year onwards.

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 Queens-University-of-Belfast International Study Centre

Ranked #198 Globally

Queen’s University Belfast is ranked #198 by QS World Rankings 2023.

Fully Accredited

Certified and accredited by the General Medicine Council.

Awarded Degree

Graduate with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.

5 Years

Succeed with a 5-year full-time program at Queen’s University Belfast.

September Intake

Talk to us today to begin your medical journey.

Program Overview

ISC ensures you have the right environment and tools to succeed in higher education.

High-quality educational program for undergraduate medical students that meets the extant Benchmark Statements for Medicine and General Medical Council recommendations.

Access to an educational environment where students can develop an enthusiasm for and interest in medicine.

Realize your full potential by fostering the development of intellectual, scientific, clinical and technical skills.

Learn about the importance of professionalism, patient safety and self-care.

Prepare students for independent and life-long learning by encouraging self-directed study.

Foster learning through the study of original research evidence

A framework of opportunities for early patient contact in the primary and secondary healthcare sectors around which students can build a scientific picture of a holistic approach to medicine.

Interprofessional education programs provide students with opportunities to recognize the contribution of other healthcare professionals to the healthcare team.

The student Selected Component program allows students to study subjects in depth and enhance their understanding of the scientific principles underpinning the practice of medicine.

Apply the scientific method and approaches to medical research and integrate these with a range of information sources used to make care decisions.

Work effectively within a multi-professional and multi-disciplinary team and across multiple care settings.

Our Services

A Free In-Person Session with the University

Access a free interactive one-on-one session with representatives from our education experts, the university and registered medical doctors.

Counselling and Guidance

We will strategically guide you and provide expert counselling and advice.

Registration, Admission, and Mentorship

Assistance with registration, admission and professional mentorship.

Free Anatomy, Physiology and Other Classes

Registered students get free access to anatomy and physiology and other classes to get ahead when they start their university curriculum.

University Admission Process

We will ensure you are guided correctly throughout whilst handling your entire university admission, documentation, university interview mentorship, assisting in the visa process and ticketing.

Right Next To You At All Times

We will accompany you to your university, organise university and city tours for parents and potential students and offer other pre-departure and post-arrival services.

Setting You Up for Success

Assisting with student orientation and ensuring you are familiar with your new surroundings.

Guidance on Medical Licensing Exams

We will ensure you are prepared for ERPM (ACT-16), AMC, USMLE, PLAB and other licensing exams upon graduation.

Exceptional After-Service

Rest assured, your educational journey is in safe hands; we are with you every step of the way, offering student services during university (24 hours) till graduation and beyond.

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