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Join the STEAM Revolution Inspire Your Child’s Future at ISC

STEAM STEAM International Study Centre

Does your child find the world fascinating? Do they like fiddling and posing questions? If so, the ISC STEAM Academy is the perfect setting for students to let their creative side shine!

Welcome to a Discovering World

Our goal at ISC STEAM is to develop a love of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) in young brains. Children from 4 to 14 years old may study at our academy, which provides a lively and interesting atmosphere that goes well beyond the memorization of textbooks.

Embrace Inquiry; Light the Way to Creativity

Role-learning is out! Using engaging tasks and projects, our curriculum aims to ignite creativity and problem-solving abilities. From developing environmentally responsible towns to making robots, your child will actively engage in activities that push their imaginations.

Specialist Advice at Every Stage

Every kid learns differently; we know that. That is why our dedicated teachers are there to foster every child’s individual curiosity and love of learning. They will provide each youngster with individualized direction and encouragement, so they feel comfortable and encouraged to explore.

First and always, safety!

The safety of your child is our first concern at ISC STEAM. We provide them with a safe and encouraging environment in which to experiment, learn, and develop fearlessly. They may really let go and enjoy the learning process there.

Hands-On Fun for Learning by Doing

Without practice, throw away the theory! Hands-on exercises that make STEAM themes come to life abound in our seminars. Your child will be able to realize their ideas with access to specialist materials and equipment.

Building Skills for the Future: The Power of Teamwork

The world needs collaborators and communicators! Through our programmes, which stress the value of cooperation and communication, your child will be better equipped to succeed in the future. They will pick up teamwork, idea sharing, and problem-solving abilities.

Workshops Made to Motivate

We serve kids from 4 to 14 years old with a great selection of age-appropriate STEAM classes. These programmes are so diverse that there is something to fascinate every youngster. The possibilities are limitless, whether you’re making a stop-motion cartoon, constructing a mini-bridge, or programming a video game.

A Curriculum that Advances Your Youngster

Our curriculum carefully matches the interests and growth phases of every age group. We firmly believe that learning should be dynamic and participatory, always changing to include the newest developments and trends in STEAM disciplines.

Soft skills count just as much as tech!

ISC STEAM recognizes the importance of honing both technical and soft skills. In addition to teaching your child critical thinking, problem-solving, and cooperation, our programs also teach coding and engineering.

The perfect platform for exploration and discovery

At the ISC STEAM Academy, your child can explore, make, and learn in a supportive environment. At the ISC STEAM Academy, we slake their appetite for information, foster their creativity, and appreciate their curiosity.

Join the STEAM revolution at ISC STEAM Academy and influence your child’s destiny!

Awaiting more information? Contact us today to learn how your child can start an exciting adventure of discovery and creativity at ISC STEAM Academy!

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