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Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Right Medical University

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Right Medical University

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What you need to know about selecting a medical university.

Choosing your medical university is one of the most important decisions you will make during your academic career. It’s a decision that will have an impact on your entire life and having it wrong could lead to multiple concerns. The good news is that with ISC Education we can help to narrow down your options and make sure you get the best possible education for yourself.
Choosing to become a medical doctor is a lifelong dream for most students before even siting for their advance level exam! Therefore, when the time comes to finally chose a medical university these are the main factors parents and student should consider.
1. Ranking and recognition of a university
2. How to plan your budget for your medical education?
3. Entry requirements of a university
4. Entry requirements to practise medical in Sri Lanka and other countries
5. Cost and quality of living in the chosen destination of study

Ranking and recognition of a university

Ranking and recognition of a university can be easily checked online through the world university ranking websites, along with student blogs and reviews. Now more than ever students document their daily routines and university life on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and blogs. It is essential to consider that when considering the ranking, there is no global ranking for medical universities aboard, but the ranking is given to the university as a whole. For example, The Belarusian State Medical University is the ranked 1 State Medical University in Belarus and has a global ranking of 745th worldwide.

How to plan your budget for your medical education?

One of the main factors that parents consider is the amount of money that is going to cost to complete your medical education aboard. With the current situation in Sri Lanka there is not restrictions placed for university placements therefore with the help of ISC Education & the university you will be able to make the payment without a hassle. There are a range of universities that will annually cost from $5000 – $75,000 in various destinations along with the course fee you have to consider hostel fee, day to day expenses, transportation and well as the cost for travelling back to Sri Lanka for holidays etc. Therefore, with the help of our counsellors and medical doctors, we will guide you to select the ideal university that fits within your budget.

Entry requirements of a university and practising in foreign countries

Entry requirement is important not only when applying for a medical university but also after you complete your medical studies and come back to practise medicine in your chosen destination. Each destination and university have different entry requirements such as 2C’s &1S/D – Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Georgia & China, 3B’s – Malaysia & Latvia (Mathematics is a must for Latvian medical universities) , 3A’s + IELTS + Qualifying Examination – Australia, USA & UK.
Also, be extremely mindful of the minimum requirement stated to practise medicine in countries before you enrol into a university. For example, in Sri Lanka, according to the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) the minimum requirement to practise medicine is to obtain 2Cs & 1S/1D (Biology, Chemistry & Physics in one sitting) at your advance level examination. Be mindful of agents and universities that promotes pre-medicine programs among others as non-other than your advance level is a valid entry to practise medicine in Sri Lanka.

Cost and quality of living in the chosen destination of study

Popular destinations to study medicine among Sri Lankan students are Malaysia, Australia, Belarus, Armenia, Russia among others. The reason being is that almost all these destinations have been hosting Sri Lankan students in the past few decades to study medicine. Thereby forming an active Sri

Lankan student community in these countries. Also, the safety factor, affordable and quality living conditions, active international community make them popular among Sri Lankan’s.
ISC Education is the pioneer in providing the best of medical education through its partnerships with some of the leading universities world-wide. It is the top private university education provider in Sri Lanka to offer multiple options to aspiring local students. The universities ISC Education represents possess decades industry experience and their programs are recognized by both Sri Lankan and international accreditation bodies.

1. Belarusian State Medical University – Minsk, Belarus
2. Gomel State Medical University – Gomel, Belarus
3. First Moscow State Medical University – Moscow, Russia
4. Masha University – Malaysia
5. World’s top universities in UK, Australia & USA through partners

The dream of becoming a doctor is within your reach!
ISC Education is Sri Lanka’s only educational organisation that accompanies students to universities and ensures their needs are well taken care of before, during and after they complete their university careers. Our counselling is only done by experienced medical doctors with over a decade of experienced in foreign medical placements in Sri Lanka to ensure and guide the student and parents only have the accurate information before enrolling.
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