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Duquesne University

Duquesne University offers you the chance to prepare successfully for specialized medical programs through a Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, a unique offering by the university to prepare you to meet the academic requirements, gain greater success at entrance examinations and have more tremendous success with the application processes needed for admission to other professional programs.

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Duquesne University Duquesne-University International Study Centre

Ranked #143

Duquesne University is ranked in the top 150 national universities in the US.

92% Success Rate

A whopping 92% of students succeeded in entering medical school.

100% Acceptance Rate

All participating students at DU successfully entered Professional Nursing and Public Health Programs.

Bachelor Pre-Medicine

Kickstart your medical studies through an individualized, multi-track program.

3 Years

Duquesne University offers a 3-year program that ultimately ensures you succeed in admission to your professional graduate program of choice.

Program Overview

ISC ensures you have the right environment and tools to succeed in higher education.

Work with you to design an individualized curricular plan to meet your needs and goals.

Comprehensive advisement alongside application preparation and assistance and rigorous science coursework.

Learn basic patient assessment and health and safety skills, including entry-level clinical skills.

Introductions to collaborative practice, inter-professional education, and medical terminology.

Instruction, guidance, and assistance through the complex medical and health professional school application process

Provides a supportive and positive environment for its students at Duquesne University.

Assist students in identifying strengths and weaknesses in their professional preparation and experiences and provide guidance and evidence-based recommendations to help them remember and secure appropriate opportunities to improve their professional portfolios.

Learn more advanced medical/health skills, including assessments of heart/lung sounds, blood oxygenation, blood glucose, body temperature, and basic neurological assessment.

Introduced to evidence-based practice and cultural competency in medicine.

Our Services

A Free In-Person Session with the University

Access a free interactive one-on-one session with representatives from our education experts, the university and registered medical doctors.

Counselling and Guidance

We will strategically guide you and provide expert counselling and advice.

Registration, Admission, and Mentorship

Assistance with registration, admission and professional mentorship.

Free Anatomy, Physiology and Other Classes

Registered students get free access to anatomy and physiology and other classes to get ahead when they start their university curriculum.

University Admission Process

We will ensure you are guided correctly throughout whilst handling your entire university admission, documentation, university interview mentorship, assisting in the visa process and ticketing.

Right Next To You At All Times

We will accompany you to your university, organise university and city tours for parents and potential students and offer other pre-departure and post-arrival services.

Setting You Up for Success

Assisting with student orientation and ensuring you are familiar with your new surroundings.

Guidance on Medical Licensing Exams

We will ensure you are prepared for ERPM (ACT-16), AMC, USMLE, PLAB and other licensing exams upon graduation.

Exceptional After-Service

Rest assured, your educational journey is in safe hands; we are with you every step of the way, offering student services during university (24 hours) till graduation and beyond.

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