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Cost-Effective Pathway to Canadian Universities for Sri Lankan Families

Cost-Effective Cost-Effective International Study Centre

Education is highly valued by parents in Sri Lanka, and for most families, the ability to give their children an opportunity to study in Canada is considered the key to success. But the journey towards achieving this dream may not always seem easy, and this is especially the case when one has to factor in money. With the current increase in the cost of education everywhere, parents ought to do their best to find these options so that they can make the right choices.

Understanding the OSSD Programme

OSSD programmes are recognised in all Canadian universities and provide a unique opportunity for international students. When students do this in their own country, they can end up saving a lot of money as they get ready for university education in Canada. But the question is, how does this option compare with the regular process of studying in Canadian high schools? Well, time for a cost-benefit analysis.

Living Expenses

In my opinion, the greatest contrast in costs can be identified in the expenses for living. Students who are completing their OSSD in Sri Lanka from ISC Education can still live at home, which negates the cost of accommodation and lowers the cost of food. When compared to rent, which ranges from $800 to $1,500 per month in most of the Canadian cities, and high food prices. Subtracting utilities, transportation, and other necessary expenditures for everyday life, the general living costs in Canada are considerably more than $15,000 per year. It is a massive cost expenditure that is entirely eliminated when studying in Sri Lanka at ISC Education.

Explicit and non-obvious charges

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to overall cost, apart from tuition fees and living costs. In Canada, it is required by law for all international students to have health insurance, which may cost between $600-$900 per year. Of course, there’s always the consideration of transport costs—the first flight to Canada and maybe another trip back home for the holidays. They are usually recurrent and tend to build up over time, and this may come as an additional expense.

These extra costs, however, are not incurred by the students studying in Sri Lanka. They can keep their current health insurance plan and do not require money to travel to other countries. This makes it possible for families to save much more resources to be channelled into future university education or other key investments.

Academic and cultural preparation

Though cost is a very important concern, academic and cultural implications cannot be overlooked as well. Currently, the OSSD programme in Sri Lanka from ISC education is out to emulate the Canadian system, thus providing students with the necessary academic grounding for university education. Also, students are able to develop their English language fluency as well as learn about the western way of education. This can help make the move easier when they have to Canada or any other overseas university studies.

Long-Term Financial Benefits

The financial impacts of choosing to complete the OSSD in Sri Lanka can be far-reaching, positive, and long-term. This money could be used for the university education, thereby decreasing the chances of the student needing loans during his or her college years. Considering that loans sum up to a significant amount of money, it can help students avoid financial woes after graduation and focus on their career.

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